Our idea of a solar thermo flusk started in 2006 with the first prototype. After that our efforts where focused on product functional optimization and took us to analyze several models with different functionalities (not with the better design but with the best enginery). When optimization had a reasonable level, we incorporated industrial design to the prototype, exploring a lot of models and building several prototypes until the final one came up. Nowadays our product combines efficiency with a nice design.

During this long way we received support and/or help from a lot of people and institutions such as UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martin: www.unsam.edu.ar ), CNEA (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica: www.cnea.gov.ar ), FUNDES (www.fundes.org.ar ), BIDNETWORK(Business in Development Network: www.bidnetwork.org ), FUNINTEC (Fundación Unsam Innovación y Tecnología: www.funintec.org.ar), SEPYME (Secretaria de pequeñas y medianas empresa: www.sepyme.gov.ar ) & AGENCIA (Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica: www.agencia.mincyt.gob.ar/ ).

Below you will find a photo gallery that illustrates important moments in the evolution of Solarmate thermo flusk.

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