Our Mision is to introduce to the market solar equipments that are easy to adapt to the consumer needs, not in the opposite way as it happens nowadays. According to the report REN 21 (2010), in January 2010 there were more than 100 countries with marketing policies related to solar energy, being Israel the first one on creating this type of policies in 1980. This information demonstrates that a lot of efforts are taking place to spread the use of solar energy in the world. However, after 3 decades of marketing policies, only 20-25% of the market potential has been reached [Rao y Kishore, 2010]. If the environmental benefits from the use of solar energy and its sales potential are so very well known, why commercialization has not reached it estimated potential? According to Reddy and Painuly (2004), the problem is the lack of a strategy based on market needs.

Other work, Velayudhan (2003) analyzed the success of solar lightning in India and found that “convenience and ease to use” were the most important reasons that took people to adopt solar technology. Additionally it was found that investigation and understanding of final user needs are not enough before launching programs of dissemination and adoption of solar technology.

SOLARMATE aims at the design, production and sale of innovative solar products for the final user, with attributes like effectiveness, convenience, efficiency, portability, nice design and a reasonable cost. Through these products people will experiment the real potential of solar energy in their day to day.

For this big compromise, we have been working hard and with conviction during last years to develop several products, where Solarmate is the first one on the market. It is a portable thermo flask quite similar to a conventional flask but with the particularity that water inside can be heated with the sun and then temperature is kept for hours ready for your drink!

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