#1 Fill it

Open it and fill it with water.

*No toxic or flammable fluids.

#2 Unblock Wire Base

And use it to possition the flask

*be sure to set it firm and steady.

#3 Unfold the wings

It opens by its half to expose the heating device.

#4 Aim

Possition it straight agains the sun ray, check that poyects shadow below.

#5 Let It Work

Wait about 30 to 60 mins, depending on the wanted heat level.

#6 Enjoy

There you are, already have warm water so you can have a tea, coffe, mate, soup or whatever you wanted


Fluids inside Solarmate can reach up to 100°C,
Keep away from children/ don´t let them handle Solarmate without Adult Supervision
Unpropper usage of Solarmate can cause severe injurys and skin burnts.
Avoid heating flammable fluids

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